Synthetic Phonics Course

We offer the MLC Synthetic Phonics course for children from 4 to 15 years old Synthetic Phonics has proved to be the most effective way to achieve a good pace of results in spelling, reading and writing.

Academic research shows that children taught using Synthetic Phonics methods average reading and spelling performance of around 16 months ahead of their actual age. Their writing performance can be even further enhanced.

Synthetic Phonics is a very structured system of teaching children to read, write and spell using a multi-sensory approach of:

•  Letter-sound matching uing the 42 phonemes

•  Skill of sound blending (synthesis) for reading

•  Skill of decoding (hearing sounds in words) for spelling and writing

MLC Synthetic Phonics has 3 important features from psychological learning theory:

multisensory approach, it integrates what you SEE (letters) with what you HEAR (sounds) and with what you DO (the kinesthetic approach, which includes manipulating sound cards, flicking phoneme fingers, writing sounds and words).
lively learning. The lesson is interactive and has a good pace, which helps to manage
continuous and frequent practice. Children are encouraged to make active attempts to recall what they have learned. Reinforcement and repetition are built in.



Course Structure for MLC Synthetic Phonics

MLC Synthetic Phonics Stages

Stage I
  1. Learn Letter-sound Mapping, Blending and Decoding of 26 Alphabets
  2. Learn Letter-sound Mapping, Blending and Decoding of 16 Vowel and Consonant Digraphs

Stage II
  1. Learn Blending and Decoding of Alternative Vowel Spellings
  2. Learn Blending and Decoding of Alternative Consonant Spellings

Stage III
  1. Learn Prefixes and Suffixes
  2. Learn Syllable Types
  3. Learn Syllable Division
  4. Learn Special Suffixes