FAQ - Grammar & Writing Course

What is MLC Grammar & Writing Course?

MLC Grammar & Writing Course provides young learners from 7 – 15 years old with essential English grammar rules and concepts and develops their ability to compose various types of writing styles through organizational skills and creativity.


What is the MLC approach to teaching Grammar and Writing?

Both thematic and functional approaches are used to equip students with essential grammar knowledge and thus enabling them to have confidence in all-rounded essay writing techniques.


Why is it important to learn English grammar?

English grammar allows you to be a better communicator, listener, thinker, reader and writer. It is what makes it possible for us all to communicate and understand what we see, and what we say. It is important to learn if you are going to succeed in school and in the real world.


What is a suitable age for learning MLC Grammar and Writing?

The course is designed for students with English competency from Primary to Secondary levels. To ensure that your child is placed at the right level of MLC Grammar and Writing course, we carry out an assessment of your child’s current ability to ensure that he or she is introduced to our system at the appropriate level.