FAQ - Cambridge English Course

Why should my child take Cambridge Young Learner English Tests (YLE Tests)?

The YLE tests indicate that formal standards have been achieved. They also familiarize your child with the experience of performing in a formal, examination-style environment.


What are YLE Tests?

The YLE tests are language skills examinations produced by the University of Cambridge English for Speakers of Other Languages (Cambridge ESOL) for children. There are three levels: Starters (Level 1), Movers (Level 2) and Flyers (Level 3). Each level consists of three components: Reading & writing, Listening and Speaking. The child is awarded a number of shields on a certificate, denoting performance standards.


Will the Cambridge English Courses help improve my child's English performance at school?

Cambridge English Courses complement the child's formal education. Of course, the Cambridge courses are useful in bringing out the best in your child's potential by offering greater attention to individual children and by providing very effective learning methods.


What is the MLC approach to teaching Cambridge English course?

We develop children's English skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing, and allow them to practise in a wholly English language learning environment.

MLC aims to arouse children's interest and initiative in learning English and then subsequently develop their language skills in a natural and joyful way.


How do you place my child at the right level of your course?

We carry out an assessment of your child's current abilities to ensure that he or she is introduced to our system at the appropriate level.