Cambridge English Course

We offer the MLC Cambridge English Course for young learners from 3 to 15 years old, to develop their English skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing, and to learn and practise in a total English language learning environment.

Our experienced native English speaking teachers, all with recognized education qualifications, lead our children to learn naturally through an enjoyable learning process.

We use high quality teaching materials and methodology. Text books from Cambridge University Press are used in the course, together with other supplementary teaching aids to form a very comprehensive and integrated set of course materials.

We care about each individual child's learning progress. Our progress reports and periodic follow-up system ensure the learning objectives are met as the child progresses to the next level.

Our children are prepared properly for the Cambridge Young Learners English Tests (YLE Tests) at different stages of their academic development. These recognised international examinations are an indication of their English standards in the four basic skills.




Course Structure for MLC Cambridge English Course

Average Age Cambridge Exam
Level 1
Games & activities motivating children to learn and adapt to English environment
3-4 ---
Level 2
Learn English through listening and speaking. Stories, songs & rhymes making learning fun
4-5 ---
Level 3
Enable children to read, think, understand English with fun in learning
5-6 ---
Level 4
Encourage children to deal with four skills- speaking, listening, reading & writing through stories


Level 5
Develop children to deal with four skills – speaking, listening, reading & writing
7-8 Starters
Level 6
Continue to practise the four skills and make learning fun, dynamic and invoiving
8-9 Movers
Level 7
Full coverage of basic language areas including grammar and target vocabulary
9-10 Movers
Level 8
Comprehensive use of English and mastering of grammar and writing skills
10-11 Flyers
Level 9
Strengthen the ability to use English to present ideas
11-12 Flyers
Level 10
Develop learner independence and practical use for the language through project and writing tasks
12-14 KET
Level 11
Encourage learners to express and discuss their opinions in English learned from the course theme
13-14 KET-PET
Level 12
Focus on idea sharing and communications in English so as to strengthen learners’ confidence in English usage
14-15 PET