About Us

In order to enable the children to communicate effectively in future society, MLC has developed an interactive and effective English learning system based on professional and proven methodology. We provide the following very effective training courses in English Language:

Synthetic Phonics - According to the surveys conducted by the Department of Education of the United Kingdom, training in Synthetic Phonics can advance the students’ English spelling and reading capabilities by more than sixteen months compared to average students.

Cambridge English Course - It develops the students’ listening, conversation, reading and writing skills in a wholly English speaking environment. This course fully prepares the students for the English Language examinations of the Cambridge University.

Grammar and Writing Course – It is conducted in an interactive and group study manner. It allows students learn English grammar and creative writing in an interesting and comfortable environment.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide the best foundation for English learning and communication skills for the students to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s world and enable them to enjoy successful lives.